A life phase in which it is good to pay extra attention to your health insurance is when you are pregnant. A delivery without medical need in the hospital is partly for your own account, and you also pay a personal contribution to the maternity care. The most important cover to look at when you are pregnant are:

Reimbursement of personal contribution for maternity care and hospital delivery as well as reimbursement of physiotherapy and dental coverage.

Children Co-Insured

For children up to the age of 18, all the necessary care is included in the basic package. Also, they are insured for the reimbursements from the supplementary package of the parent with which they are credited. This can be useful, for example, for alternative medicine or a personal contribution that has to be paid for medicines. It is therefore wise to ensure children on the policy of the parent with the most comprehensive supplementary insurance. The main coverings that parents and children pay attention to when taking out health insurance are orthodontics, dental coverage, and physiotherapy.

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